Monday, March 5, 2012

Management Construction - BrickControl

BrickControl: is a web   application that will help you manage all your construction projects in an easy, simple and effective way.   

Estimates, project progress,  

certifications, cost control and more!

It requires no investment and you only need a web browser!

Software is ideal for:
  •  Small-sized Construction Company
  •  Medium-sized Construction Company
  •  Large-sized Construction Company
  •  Architects and Engineers
  •  Reformists
  •  Construction activities
  •  Project leader
  •  Infrastructure Projects

Visit: Try Free for 7 days! (cost estimate is included as example)

Reasons to use the software:
  1.  Manage your construction projects easily and efficiently.
  2.  Do not duplicate information. Save time!
  3.  Do you know where you lose money in your work? Our software tells you.
  4.  Has no boundaries! multi-language / multi-currency
  5.  Over 30 years of experience and expertise in the construction sector.
  6.  No need to invest in software. Welcome to
  7.  Save on hardware and maintenance! Do you know
Cloud Computing?
  8.  If you have Internet, you have the software. No Instalation.
  9.  Worried about security?. Our software is always safe.
10.  Maximum scalability.  Software for companies of all sizes.                            

All the necessary features to manage your projects

. Projects
Price Databases
Project progress
Resource Calculation
. Project certification
. Project Billing Certification


. Cost deviation analysis
 . Invoices / Subcontracts
Time Sheets
Customer Management
Supplier Management
Personnel Management
Purchasing Management
Human Resources
. Sales invoices
Financial Management
Business Management
Security and user control
Multi-language / multi-currency / multi-company
Share project information with your clients
. BrickControl on your mobile!

Visit: Try Free for 7 days! (cost estimate is included as example)

Friday, December 30, 2011

Prices and editions

  • FREE 7 day Trial
First user19 EUR/month39 EUR/month39 EUR/month49 EUR/month59 EUR/month
Additional user  9 EUR/month19 EUR/month19 EUR/month29 EUR/month59 EUR/month

15% off annual payment!

Buy propertyStandardProfessionalBusinessEnterprise
First user936 EUR936 EUR1416 EUR1750 EUR
Additional user456 EUR456 EUR696 EUR1750 EUR

Prices and editions FAQ´s
What does the monthly fee incude?

The monthly fee includes:

  • Use of software
  • Software Updates
  •  Infrastructure, data center configuration and maintenance for the product to function properly. 
  • Silver-class support.
We take care of everything! You just go to the website with your username and password and work.
0 problems!

Do I have to make a down payment?
No. You only have to pay the monthly subscription.

Do I have to sign a permanent contract?
No. You can unsubscribe at any time.

If I unsubscribe I can recover my data?
At all times while your sbscription is active you can download backups of all your data to your hard drive. When you unsusbscribe, we keep this data for a week if you need to recover, and immediately delete all your data from the datacenter.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

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